Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ASA Meeting 3/25

Tara Lattimore, Andrew Bishop, Anna Carey, Loubriel Sosa, Chris Dewey, Hannah Rudolph, Diane Stanley, Janessa Benedict, Patrick Marron

1. Elections
Co-presidency approved: 2 people sharing presidential responsibilities
New Positions: Event coordinator, publicity coordinator
Traditional Positions: secretary, treasurer
Cohort reps: Anna Carey, Diane Stanley
Anna makes a bullet point email to cohort
Election Event: moon tower as a potential venue, April 25th
Helpers:Janessa, Hannah, Tara

2. CPR class this Wed March 26 6:00-7:00
15 people registered
Cost $20 cash/check

3. Tuition task force
Chris taking over for Tara after graduation
Stephanie Dwyer
Loubriel Sosa
Diane Stanley
Janessa Benedict
Vanessa Huffman
Diane start google doc
Surveys, plan ahead with volunteers
Email volunteers

4. Food for finals: $200 budget
Wed: taco deli
30: Egg, avocado, potatoe
30: Beans, avocado, potatoe
Opt for corn tortilla
Fruit, veggies, snacks
3 item tacos $2.25 
60 tacos

5. Wellness week
Admin co-sponsor
NADA tx for trainees thanks Claudia Voyles!!
Sol counseling
Survey: tomorrow Meeting 9am Julie Aziz and Tara please come
Patrick help with survey creation
Ideas for the week: Chair massage, guided meditation, nap time, zen zone, yoga- student teachers: Laura Gillis, Lane Barringer, Paula Bruno, Johnnie Nobleza- acro yoga, crystal mat, make your own juice, smoothie, parfait, food truck, love notes/appreciation notes/gratitude board, affirmation cards, white crane discounts-student appreciation wk, practitioner free consultation/ discounts, birth chart reading, open up to campus connections
Maybe Wk 3 or 7?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014